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Carpet Cleaning –The 3 Key Mistakes To Avoid

Preferably, your carpet must be cleaned professionally. However, to save some dollars, a lot of people prefer to alternate between the DIY cleaning & professional cleaning. While the DIY ways are far affordable, they’re never as productive as professional carpet cleaning and involve a significant amount of time & hard work. Relying upon the method employed, it’s also possible for the DIYer to damage the carpet.

Here is why you should trust an Oahu based Professional Carpet Cleaning Company.

If you have carpets in your home, you must want to be aware of these 3 common DIY carpet cleaning mistakes:

1 – Over-shampooing happens when either excessive shampoo is employed or the carpet isn’t rinsed adequately. Both are practically unavoidable with DIY approaches. This is why even the most hard-core DIYer should use a professional occasionally. If they don’t, the accumulation of foamy remains can be unfeasible to clean up, making the carpet a virtual filth magnet.

2 – Over wetting happens when excessive water seeps into the base of your carpet. Some backing substances make your carpet to stain if they get exceedingly damp. Some carpet floorings will shrink, factually pulling up themselves from the floor. If the supporting pad gets damp, it becomes really tough to dry them out, and you also run the additional danger of mold & mildew development.


3 – The final DIY carpet cleaning risk is stains prompted by furniture come in touch with the damp carpeting. Many types of wood fixtures will discharge some sort of dyes if exposed to a damp surface. Many household furniture feet those are partially metal. The metal may rust, leaving a spot in your carpet.

DIYers are more expected to face these issues since they don’t often take away all the furniture when clean their carpet, and they don’t often have quick access to foam blocks & foil-supported cardboard squares that the professional employ to keep the furniture away from the carpet until it’s dry.

For professional Oahu carpet cleaning you can count on Kleenpro Hawaii. Don’t try to be a DIYer every time! Let our staff personalize a cleaning service program to fit your individual needs and your budget as well. Talk to us at (808)679-6873 and get a free estimate.

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